sylvester sim


In 2005, Sly released his first Chinese album, 'Take Flight' 起飞, and had been well known for penning his own music since his debut, creating famous tunes 所以,祥龙十八掌,第一个原因 that hit the Hong Kong charts. 'Take Flight' 起飞attained Platinum Award in Singapore as it was sold out on the day of release. He was also awarded the Media Best Newcomer Award as well as achieving 最佳新人奖 at 93.3fm awards.

Shortlyjust a week later after the finals of Singapore Idol, Sly was invited to work with Jolin Tsai’s concert in Singapore. Not only talented in music, Sly had also been in acting and showcased himself in the 2001 idol drama THE SHOOTING STARS and Asia’s first ever mobile 3G drama ‘P.S. Love you” alongside Taiwanese veterans Tammy Chen and Roy Chiu.

In addition, he was featured as special guest appearances on numerous variety shows and movies such as OMG. (One moment of glory) NKF charity, and many other events, movies such as “Already Famous’ “Everybody’s Business 'and social media gags from JTV. The most recent exposure was on TV auditioning for the popular singing competition, 中国好声音,being the Top 6.

Sly is also very popular in the entertainment industry, he had performed at the now-defunct Manado Club, Dragonfly at St James Power Station, Neverland and Club Sonar.

After 10 years, still with an unfaltering hunger to create music again, Sylvester is now making a comeback with his new single 'A New Hope'.